American Blueberry Bilberry ’Darrow’  (Vaccinium

American Blueberry Bilberry ’Darrow’

American Blueberry Bilberry ’Darrow’ (Vaccinium corymbosum ’Darrow’)

General description: Blueberry species with very strong growth and late, heavy fruiting.

Bushes grows up to 130-180 cm in height.

Fruit: The fruits ripen from mid-August to the beginning of September. They are very large and tasty with a sweet-wine taste.

The advantage of this variety is high fertility.

Requirements / Cultivation:  Position sunlit, sheltered from the wind. Soil should be permeable, light, fertile with pH 3.5-4, slightly moist. Blueberry (bilberry) variety moderately resistant to frost. Variety recommended for direct consumption, for freezing and for preserves.

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