Blueberry Bilberry ’Patriot’ (Vaccinium

Blueberry Bilberry ’Patriot’

Blueberry Bilberry ’Patriot’ (Vaccinium corymbosum ’Patriot’)

General description: One of the most valuable earlier maturing varieties. Shrub grows up to a height of 120cm, and in optimal conditions up to 180cm. Desert variety, also recommended for freezing.

Fruit: large, oval, navy blue covered with a blue wax coating, tasty and very aromatic. They begin to mature, in July, the puberty lasts about 3 weeks.

Requirements / Cultivation:  this variety prefers strongly acidic and soil with a humus 3.5-4 pH.
It also tolerates heavier and wet soils. Position sunlit, warm. The plant is completely hardy.

Price: PLN11.90
Seedling in a container