American Bilberry ’Pink Lemonade’ (Vaccinium

American Bilberry ’Pink Lemonade’

American Bilberry ’Pink Lemonade’ (Vaccinium corymbosum ’Pink Lemonade’)

Is much sweeter than most blueberries and with a firm, pleasant texture. It’s fruits are pink and excellent for eating or in a variety of dishes. The harvest will continue on into fall. Will grow to up to 150 cm in height with an identical spread.

The plant produces showy pink flowers in spring and gold and orange foliage in fall.

First, the fruits are light green during vegetation, then light pink, and finally they mature to a deep pink colour. Ripens in late July to early August. Self-pollinating.

It is suitable for planting as an ornamental fruit plant in a mixed bed or mixed border.

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Seedling in a container