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Boston Ivy Veitchii 2L

Parthenocissus tricuspidata Veitchii

General description :

The Veitchii Boston ivy cultivar is a strong, undemanding vine perfect for covering walls. It creates a very flat cover because its adhesive pads cling tightly to walls and other support, and only the leaves stick out. It looks especially beautiful in autumn, when its leaves change colour and take on various shades of orange and red.

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General description

General description: The Veitchii Boston ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata ’Veitchii’) is a strong, vigorously growing creeper with an annual growth of around 1-2 m. It reaches 15-20 m in height. It has the most well-developed attachment abilities – it clings to support using powerful adhesive discs (sometimes called holdfasts or sucker discs) located on the ends of branch tendrils. It’s therefore perfect for creeping up building walls, sound screens or other vertical support. It also serves to cut down cooling costs by providing a cover of shade, so walls do not heat up less in summer. Boston ivy is often found in public green spaces.


Flowers: The Boston ivy has greenish-yellow, melliferous flowers. They don’t decorate the vine as they bloom hidden within its leaves.


Blooming: Veitchii blooms from June until July.


Leaves: The Veitchii cultivar has simple, three-lobed, glossy leaves that grow up to around 20 cm wide. It’s a very decorative vine as its leaves change to different shades of pink, red, and orange in autumn, which creates a spectacular display of vivid colours.


Fruit: The Boston ivy’s fruit are purplish-black, round berries covered in a white, waxy bloom. They have a diameter of around 5–10 mm. The berries are mounted on decorative red stalks that are not too visible amongst leaves. The fruit appear after the first frosts when the leaves fall, and they decorate bare shoots until December. In winter, the fruit is a delicacy of blackbirds, fieldfares, and waxwings.


Cultivation requirements: The Veitchii cultivar is an undemanding ivy. It tolerates mediocre soils and grows well in sunny or semi-shaded locations. It’s best to plant this vine in spots sheltered from wind. Southern exposure promotes intensive colour changes come autumn.


Pruning: Boston ivy should be pruned in spring or summer. It is highly recommended to check whether vines haven’t occupied gutters and crept beneath roof tiling as early as March. Tendrils reaching such places should be removed. If thinning out or limiting the growth of the creeper is desired, pruning should be carried out in summer. Vetichii can be cut directly by the support, there is no need to detach tendrils first. Old and withered vines should be cut just above ground.


Overwintering: It’s recommended to cover young plants for the winter, older vines are more resistant to frost.


Origin: Asia.

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