Rose wrinkled (Rosa)  
  General description:

Rose wrinkled

Rose wrinkled (Rosa)

General description: Shrub reaching up to 1.5 meters in height, very strongly branched. Twigs are  intensely covered with thorns. It presents itself gracefully among other park plants and in hobby gardens.

Flowers: rose petals are also used as rose jam, traditionally used in donuts.

Leaves:  leaves covered with hairs from the bottom, in autumn change from green to yellow.

Flowering: The wrinkled rose blooms in April, and its inflorescence persists until August.

Requirements / Cultivation:  sunny position, not very windy. It tolerates substrates with an acidic to slightly neutral pH. With alkaline base there is a risk of chlorosis - the leaves change color to yellow and this is the result of iron deficiency. Soil, before planting, should be enriched, for example, with manure or compost. After planting, the plant should be intensively watered.

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