Rose multiflora ’Sunblest’  
 Very unique hybrid

Rose multiflora

Rose multiflora ’Sunblest’

Very unique hybrid tea grandiflora with a golden yellow, full, large flowers the size of 8-10 cm and medium to dark green, shiny leaves.  The flowers bloom from summer to autumn (June to October), retain colour for a long time and have very mild fragrance.

Grows from 80cm to 1.30 m in height  and is good frost resistant.

Plant in fertile, moist, well-drained soil in an open sunny position by planting 5-6 pieces per square meter.

Pruning by removing old canes and dead or diseased wood and cut back canes that cross.

It tolerates pruning well.

We recommend to cover base of the plant for the winter.

Can be used for beds and borders, cut flower or garden. 

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