Large rose ’Chopinv (Rosa ’Chopin’)  

Rose Chopin 2L

Large rose ’Chopinv (Rosa ’Chopin’)

General description: Polish rose variety with very large flowers (12-13 cm in diameter). Grows up to 1.5 m. It is one of the most valuable varieties of roses due to the beautiful white shade of flowers and a noticeable and pleasant smell.

Flowering: Blooms for a long time - the first flowers appear already at the turn of May and June, and the last in November.

Variety that is undemanding.

It does not require any special care nor treatments. It is important, however, to prune it appropriately (it is recommended to cut the shoots thoroughly and remove the faded and overblown flowers).

Requirements / Cultivation:  plant in a sunny position with moderately moist soil.  ‘Chopin Rose’ is completely resistant to frost. Ideal for planting individually as well as for discounts.

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