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rosa Chopin

General description :

The Chopin large-flowered rose is one of the most valuable Polish varieties. This bush is well-branched, has rich foliage and in good soil conditions can grow up to 1.5 m high. It doesn’t not have specific requirements as to soil pH and is frost hardy. Chopin is excellent for both planting individually or in groups..

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General description

General description: Chopin is a beautiful large-flowered white rose bush. It’s recommended for creating colourful compositions with other roses, for planting in parks, as well as individually in exposed positions. It’s also suitable for growing in containers. It’s characterised by vigour, lush green foliage and abundant flowering. It grows up to 1.5 m high.


Flowers: Chopin has large flowers (about 12 cm in diameter) that usually grow singly on the ends of stems. They have an intense, sweet fragrance and are white on the outer sides of petals with a cream-coloured inside.


Blooming: This rose blooms profusely from June until October.


Leaves: Chopin bushes have green and glossy leaves.


Cultivation requirements: This variety grows very well in any location and conditions. It grows well in semi-shaded spots (although it needs at least 6 hours of sun a day). It looks stunning when planted individually, in small groups or as an addition to perennial flowerbeds.


Pruning: Large-flowered roses bloom best on the current year's growth, so they need to be pruned every year. Three to seven main stems should be left (these should be the youngest stems), and all others should be cut to ground level. The remaining shoots should form a kind of cup. The stems that remain should be pruned to leave only three to four bud nodes above the ground, so to a height of around 20-30 cm. Weaker and thinner shoots can be cut lower (up to 15 cm high). The side in which the axillary bud is pointing indicates the direction of growth of the young shoot. It is best if the axillary bud closest to the cutting point is directed towards the outside of the bush, as it will give rise to a branch extension. Any shoots growing towards the centre of the bush should be systematically removed.


Overwintering: Rose bushes should be prepared for the winter after the first frost – in temperate clime, this usually this falls at the turn of October and November. This should be done thoroughly and unhurriedly. First, the base of the plant should be covered with a 20 cm layer of garden soil to protect the root system against drastic temperature drops. Then, this soil mound should be covered with bark, leaves or sawdust to further insulate the roots as well as the base of the shrub. Stems should be tied together, then wrapped in agrotextiles and tied with string.


Origin: Poland.


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