Sea buckthorn ’Moskwiczka’ (Hippophaë rhamnoides

Sea buckthorn ’Moskwiczka’

Sea buckthorn ’Moskwiczka’ (Hippophaë rhamnoides ’Moskwiczka’)

General description: Frost resistant shrub or decorative tree,

Reaching up to 3 meters in height.

The plant is rich in vitamin C and vitamins E, F, K, P.

The plant is grown as a medicinal plant.

We can collect up to 10 kg of fruit from the bush.

Fruit: light orange in colour, oblong, sour.

Leaves: narrow, silvery-green,

Maturation: from August to September,

Requirements / Cultivation:  sunny position, grows well on any soil.

In early spring, it is recommended to remove damaged shoots.

The variety requires a pollinator.

Price: PLN13.90
Seedling in a container