Amelanchier Olliolistna ’Smoky’ (Amelanchier

Amelanchier Olliolistna ’Smoky’

Amelanchier Olliolistna ’Smoky’ (Amelanchier alnifolia ’Smoky’)

General description:  the variety is most often grown on plantations. The shrub reaches up to 4.5 m in height and up to 6 m in diameter.

Fruit:  This variety gives birth to blue-black fruits up to 1.4 cm in diameter. The fruits ripen quite unevenly. A variety with the sweetest fruits and the highest ratio of sugar to acids. The most fertile variety (one can harvest up to 7.5 kg of fruit per plant).

Flowering:  blooms medium late, which makes it resistant to spring frost.

Requirements / Cultivation:  You can plant a seedling at any position. However, it prefers sunny or semi-shaded places.

Price: PLN17.90
Seedling in a container