Amelanchier  Amblylander ’ Northline’

Amelanchier Amblylander ’Northline’

Amelanchier Amblylander ’Northline’ (Amelanchier alnifolia ’Northline’)

General description:  It grows up to 4 m in height and 6 m in diameter. Variety is very fertile.

Fruit:  an exceptionally large variety, ovate in shape, firm fruit which are up to 1.6 cm in diameter (on average 1.24 cm).

Maturing:  the fruits ripen relatively evenly, sweet and very tasty.

It has a tendency to alternate fruiting (it usually gives more fruit every second year).

Requirements / Cultivation:  this variety can be planted in any position. However, it prefers sunny or semi-shaded places.

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