Symphoricarpos × chenaultii ’Hancock’


Symphoricarpos × chenaultii ’Hancock’ (Symphoricarpos ’Hancock’)

Is a low, deciduous, spreading shrub with rooting branches. Thin but stiff stems are covered with numerous small, rounded, blue-green leaves.

It blooms in early summer (June-July) with small, bell-shaped pink or white melliferous flowers, which in late summer are followed by juicy white pink or purple inedible berries.

Grows up to 1 m in height and 1.5 m width.

Resistant to urban pollution and drought tolerant.

Best grown in a sunny or partly shaded position and fertile, moist soil.

Excellent as a ground cover plant, to be grown under the crowns of tall trees, also suitable for planting on slopes or banks, screens or hedges.


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