• Blackberry Black Satin 1L
  • Blackberry Black Satin 1L
  • Blackberry Black Satin 1L
  • Blackberry Black Satin 1L
Blackberry Black Satin 1L
Thornless Blackberry

Blackberry Black Satin 1L

Vaccinium macrocarpon Black Satin

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The Black Satin blackberry fruits abundantly from August until October. Its berries are large, juicy, tasty, and healthy. It’s frost and disease resistant, reaches 3-5 m in height and sprawls quickly. Black Satin is thornless, which is an added advantage. Its fruit are great for direct consumption and for making into preserves. Seedling should be planted every 1-1.5 and led along support.

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General description

General description: The Black Satin blackberry is a relatively new, frost resistant cultivar created in the USA. It has no thorns, so picking its delicious fruit is pure pleasure. Black Satin grows quickly and does not require a pollinator. On average, it reaches around 1.2 m in height.


Flowers: Fruiting is preceded by small, soft and pretty whitish-pink flowers, that appear in the second year after planting.


Blooming: Flowers start to bloom around May/June.


Fruit: Black Satin’s fruit are spherical and navy black. They are fantastically juicy, very aromatic, and tangy.


Ripening: Black Satin is one of the earlier fruiting blackberry varieties - its fruit ripen in the first part of August. Black Satin fruits on the previous year’s canes. It’s an especially prolific, early and long fruiting blackberry. From a mature bush as much as 6-10 kg can be harvested yearly.


Cultivation requirements: Black Satin is a prolific cultivar that is easy to care for and doesn’t require much care. After having reached a length of approximately 1.5 m, canes should be trimmed to to a length of 30-40 cm in order to produce numerous new fruit-bearing shoots. This should be done in spring. After harvesting, all two-year-old canes should be cut, leaving the current year’s stems to fruit the following spring. Black Satin should be grown against support.


Overwintering: This cultivar is frost resistant, although covering the bush for winter is recommended. Since this blackberry bears fruit on last year's canes, they must overwinter. Before the onset of frosts, the bush should be taken off its support, placed on the ground and covered with branches, straw or agrotextile. In the spring, the canes should be attached or placed back on the support.


Origin: USA.

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