Riverbank (Frost) Grape Tomek 1L

Vitis riparia Tomek

General description :

Tomek is a riverbank grape variety with a strong, pleasant scent and melliferous flowers. It grows up to 15 m high, with strong annual growth of about 2-3 m. It’s an undemanding variety that tolerates drought well. Tomek is a pollinator for the Ania frost grape. When planted alone it does not bear fruit, so it’s great for places where staining the ground with fruit is to be avoided.

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General description

General description: The Tomek riverbank grape variety tolerates drought, low temperatures, substrate salinity and air pollution well, so it’s an excellent plant for urban areas. It clings to support with its tendrils and so it’s recommended for growing over fences, arbours, trellises and other strong garden support. Tomek is also an excellent groundcover and camouflage plant, perfect for covering ugly buildings or high fences. Due to it not bearing fruit, it can be used where fruit stains are a problem (e.g., by light-coloured stone floors or pavements).


Fruit: Tomek does not bear fruit.


Flowers: Tomek has very decorative, male flowers. They are very small, white and have a lovely fragrance. They are melliferous.


Blooming: Tomek blooms in May and June.


Leaves: The riverbank grape has roundish, delicately lobed leaves with serrated margins. They are medium-sized, light green and turn yellow in autumn.


Cultivation requirements: The riverbank grape prefers sunny or semi-shaded locations. It’s undemanding soil-wise and tolerates drought as well as high salinity, however, as with other varieties of grapevines, it grows best in light, well-drained soil, and doesn’t like heavy, wet substrates. Seedlings should be planted every 1-1.5 meters, 10-15 cm deeper than in the pot they came in. Very small seedlings should be planted in a shallow hole and only covered wholly with soil in autumn. This significantly increases the frost resistance of grapevines and increases the efficiency of watering freshly planted vines.


Care: To build a powerful root system, riverbank grapes need a lot of water. Caring for a newly planted seedling is basically limited to systematic watering. It is especially important to pay attention to watering in early summer. Each young vine requires up to three buckets of water per watering.


Pruning: The riverbank grape does not require pruning.


Props: This vine is perfect for planting next to trellises, bowers, pergolas and arbours, poles and columns, fences, gates, building walls, sound screens, as well as for growing in plant containers and in public green spaces.


Overwintering: The Tomek frost grape withstands temperature drops of down to -35°C (hardiness zone 3). Protecting young seedlings for the winter (for e.g., by using agrotextiles) is recommended. At the beginning of November, cover young seedlings by piling a mound of soil with peat about 30 cm in height over the plants. This not only insulates them from the cold, but also shields them against flooding during the thaw.


Origin: Poland.

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