Laburnum watereri Vossii 1L

Laburnum x watereri Vossi

General description :

The golden chain tree is a tall deciduous shrub and one of the most stunning plants found in Europe. Its crown grows up to 5 m high and about 4 m wide. The long, dense clusters of golden yellow flowers give the plant the appearance of dripping gold. It looks beautiful both in parks and in the home gardens.

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General description

General description: This laburnum is a fast growing, tall shrub that grows into a low tree over time. It’s not a plant for small gardens, although in such it can be used as a buttress plant or even run as a rhizome over the walls of buildings. It grows up to 5 m high and its crown can be up to 4 m wide. Laburnum watereri looks great as a individual plant, but looks much nicer in groups. It can be planted along garden paths, creating beautiful alleys. When planted in small groups, it can create flower arrangements


Flowers: The biggest decoration of this shrub are the yellow, butterfly-shaped, melliferous flowers similar to those of the wisteria or lupin. They are 2.5 cm long and grow gathered in several dozen, 50 cm long, hanging inflorescences in the form of clusters.


Blooming: Laburnum watereri blooms from May until June.


Leaves: Leaves very ciliated and about 7 cm long.


Fruit: This shrub bears toxic fruit that grow in small pods.


Cultivation requirements: The laburnum grows best on fertile, calcareous soils with a neutral or slightly alkaline pH, although it also tolerates other soils. It likes moderately moist substrates, although it can stand short periods of drought as it has an extensive root system. It blooms best in sunny locations; in semi-shade or shade it flowers much less impressively. Locations shielded from strong winds are ideal. Laburnum tolerates air pollution, so is great for planting in urban green spaces.


Care: Growing laburnum temperate European climes is quite easy. It doesn’t require much care in the form of fertilizing, pruning or watering. Laburnum’ stems can be easily bent, so it’s perfect for creating flowery tunnels with stunning golden eaves. Its branches can be guided along openwork fences, trellises, or arbours.


Overwintering: This laburnum is fully frost resistant. However, the soil around young shrubs should be mulched with composted bark for the winter.


Origin: South-eastern Europe.


Limitations: It’s worth mentioning that laburnum is poisonous. A toxic alkaloid, cytisinicline, is present in all parts of the plant, and seeds are especially dangerous if ingested.

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